Fly Abroad IELTS Training

At Fly Abroad, we not just focus on teaching IELTS but also training students on Spoken English. Our experienced and qualified instructors analyze the needs of each student and help them eliminate their weaknesses accordingly. We believe that every student has the caliber to achieve their dreams. They just need the right guidance to meet their goals, and by providing them with better training, we enable them to fulfill their dreams.

Our mission is to provide affordable and quality training to our students in a conducive environment so that they can have excellent means to excel in language skills and overcome their communication barriers. Our training program is designed by incorporating the necessary techniques to perform the IELTS test with full confidence. We are registered members of IDP Australia.

If you are aspiring to study at one of the world's leading educational institutions, you must make your profile strong enough to qualify for the admission requirements. Apart from the academic performance, the requirements usually include English Language Proficiency tests. The most popular test that the foreign institutes recognize is IELTS.

IELTS is divided into four sections:

  • Listening The Listening test takes 30 minutes. In addition to that, 10 extra minutes are given for transferring answers to the answer sheet. An examinee's ability to listen and understand a native speaker is judged through recorded conversations and monologues.
  • Reading The reading test takes 60 minutes in which the examinee has to answer the questions after studying factual and descriptive passages. Through this test, the ability of the examinee to read and understand the English language is measured.
  • Writing This 60-minute test consists of two writing assignments. The first task is to describe a graph, table, or pie chart in a 150-word passage; in the second task, the candidate must write an essay on a given topic in 250 words.
  • Speaking In the speaking test, the examinee must demonstrate his or her speaking skills by answering a series of questions. Examiners may ask to introduce themselves, talk to the examiner and ask them to speak on the given topic.